PJ and Rose and pancakes at Loose Valley Care Home

The talented duo PJ and Rose came to visit and entertain us on Monday 24 February here at Loose Valley Care Home.

With a wonderful mix of 1920s jazz, as well as film songs such as ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow‘, the pair entertained us all wonderfully.

Their theme was ‘music to match the weather’, so we were treated to some classic songs including ‘Bring me sunshine‘, ‘Singing in the rain‘, “Moon river‘ and ‘Sunny side of the street‘. Our residents were all smiles listening and enjoying the performance.

Rose and Peter are niece and uncle and are always a joy to have perform here at Loose Valley. Huge thanks to them both for giving us such a lovely afternoon of music.

Pancake Day

On Tuesday 25 February, we celebrated Pancake Day with a feast of pancakes and lots of toppings to choose from including caster sugar, maple syrup, lemon juice, cream or chocolate Nutella spread (a favourite!)!

‘A bit of what you fancy does you good‘ as they say! Delicious!