Loose Valley Care Home residents and staff love their Chit Chat Club

We hold a regular Chit Chat Club at Loose Valley Care Home and it’s going really well, attracting four to seven residents for each session who meet to discuss different topics of interest and their own experiences.

We choose a specific topic for each of our sessions and have a chat about it. Our last group chat was on Loose Valley – with pictures of how our Home used to look compared to today’s photos. It was so interesting and we talked for an hour and a half!

On Wednesday 19 February our discussion topic was ‘our wartime memories‘, clothes of the different eras and wedding dress styles from the late 1800s to the 1980s. We also had our weekly Sparkle magazine, which is always a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration.

Our residents relived their wedding dresses and how many bridesmaids they’d had. They also reminisced about the shortages of rationed food during and after the war. There was an interesting discussion about how people had managed to celebrate on VE Day; street parties had involved every household taking out chairs and tables with them and whatever food they could muster at short notice with what they had from their rations!

We are delighted with all the ‘chit chat’ we hear, on some fascinating topics. And of course, we always enjoy all our chatters over a cuppa!

We look forward to our next meet up.