Valentines crafts with Tiger Primary School children at Loose Valley Care Home

On Monday 10 February we welcomed a group of 28 six and seven year olds from Tiger Primary School to Loose Valley Care Home to have some arts and crafts fun with our residents.

They were excited to make Valentine’s cards with our ladies and gents – and some wrote cards for them too. Henry received 3 Valentines cards to open and Bibi’s son who is a pupil at the school wants to come and visit Henry again!

The children were so talkative and really enjoyed interacting with our residents; one boy chatted non-stop to one of our ladies, she couldn’t believe how animated he was!

They all had a great time crafting together, it was so wonderful to have the children in our Home and we were thrilled to see so many lovely cards being made.

We have another class visiting this week, so we’ve printed out pictures – nursery rhymes, unicorns, cars, tractors and flowers – for them to colour. We’re looking forward to seeing them!