Red Box reminiscence at Loose Valley Care Home

At Loose Valley Care Home, we borrow a ‘Red Box’ full of books and memorabilia every four months from our local library.

The library at Springfield selects the content of our box and kindly drop it off to us and pick it up when the time comes; with life becoming more digital these days, it’s nice to receive actual books to hold and support our local library.

With plenty of reading and discussion topics, we get CDs, DVDs as well as books, plus reminiscence items to look at from past decades.

In our latest box, we had cut outs of items such as Pears soap, Rowntrees fruit pastilles and a juke box. There were postcards with photos of a clothes mangle (no proper washing machines with a high spin cycle in those days!), plus pictures of a charabanc which was an early form of open top bus.

We also enjoyed looking at black and white wedding photographs, a book of poems and a travel book.

We read about life in the fairgrounds and stories from Blackheath Fair with games like Hook the duck, Carousel and of course the Fortune Teller!

We had plenty of discussion with this box and it was nice to get together and bring back memories of the past. Plus we also had a mock camera so Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team became the paparazzi, whilst Barbara posed for photos!

Such an interesting session and great fun!


Red Box reminiscence at Loose Valley Care Home  

Even Billy joined in the fun!