Seated exercises and ice cream at Loose Valley Care Home

Music and movement

In our exercise class at Loose Valley Care Home on Monday 6 September we decided to use some hoops in our fitness workout.

We squeezed them to exercise our fingers and hands, threw them up and caught them to test our coordination skills and ‘drove a car’ like a steering wheel to get our wrists and arms moving.

We listened to some great tunes on the radio during the class, including ‘Dancing Queen‘ by ABBA and The Bee Gees’ ‘How deep is your love?‘ – both super to sway and exercise with.

We used our inflatable flamingos for our hoops too. Great fun!

Keeping cool

Tuesday 7 September was a scorcher! So we turned our trolley into an ice cream van, complete with chimes so everyone could hear it coming!

We had lots of delicious treats to choose from; mini Magnums, Cornettos (mint or strawberry) and a Neapolitan ice cream wafer. Yummy!

Our residents enjoyed Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team visiting each room with the mini ice cream van and chimes, which just made everyone’s day!

One of our ladies got up to look out the window for the real ice cream van…instead it came into her room!

Our residents really enjoyed their cooling treats on such a hot day.