Carry on Camping in Scotland at Loose Valley Care Home

After enjoying ‘Around the World with Nellsar Cruises’ so much with our residents here at Loose Valley Care Home, we were keen to continue our armchair travels – so we set our sights on camping in Scotland!

We arrived in good time at our destination of Inverness where we set up camp by the banks of Loch Ness.

We made our fire, boiled a kettle (as we all needed a cup of coffee after our 10hr minibus journey!) and had some Hairy Haggis join us by the camp fire – Hamish and his five friends, Douglas Bruce, Bonnie, McKenzie and Ailsa!

We hosted a Scottish picture quiz, naming sports stars, singers and inventors. We also learnt some fascinating facts about haggis and what it’s made from – heart, liver and lungs of a sheep!

We learned about tartan and how it is named from the surnames of clans such as Douglas, Stewart, McDonald and Campbell, having specific colours for their own clan. We also discussed the filming of Harry Potter and the famous viaduct bridge scene with the Hogwarts Express travelling across it which is called Glenfinnan Viaduct, near fort William.

And course, the Loch Ness Monster! We hired a boat and sailed across the water, and we were lucky to have a sighting of the mythical monster in the deepest Loch in Scotland!

Our themed lunch was a delicious menu of smoked haddock and ‘neeps and tatties’, or Aberdeen Angus beef pie. Desserts were a choice of a gorgeous chocolate coffee cake (with whiskey infused cream no less!) or fresh raspberries with cream and Scottish shortbread. All looked and tasted divine, along with a white wine spritzer… cheers!

After lunch we all enjoyed chatting about our visit to Scotland; full of myths, legends and mountains we all thoroughly enjoyed our armchair travel to such a beautiful country.

For now it’s time to pack up our camp and come back home…until our next camping adventure in Wales in October!