Local bride donates her wedding flowers to Loose Valley Care Home residents

On Sunday 19 September we received a lovely phone call at Loose Valley Care Home from a local bride who had got married on the Saturday and wanted to offer us her wedding flowers.

She explained that she was going away on honeymoon and didn’t want the blooms to go to waste. When we gratefully accepted she was very pleased that we would get some joy from them.

On Tuesday 21 September we gathered in our garden to do some flower arranging with them; it proved very popular as everyone loves flowers!

We were gifted some really gorgeous blooms of gerbera, roses and gypsophila, sprigs of rosemary, irises, mini daisies and lots of foliage.

Our residents created some lovely vases which looked very professional. It’s both fun and very rewarding putting together flower arrangements of complementary colours – we had yellow, cream, orange and white blooms.

We removed any extra leaves and cut down the stems, and collected up all our vases to fill, including some smaller coffee jars which were great for the smaller flowers.

Our residents absolutely loved this activity and each of them took a vase to their rooms and enjoyed the flower display they had created.

Recreation, Wellbeing and Liaison team member Paula took some photos of the flower arrangements and wrote a special message on the Loose Valley community Facebook page to thank the bride; we’re hoping that she sees it as she came from Loose. We had lots of people responding to say how lovely it was of the bride, and our residents asked us to thank her too.

We were so touched by such a wonderful gesture from our local community and we wish our lovely bride much happiness for her future.