Loose Valley Care Home residents reminisce over tea tasting

Our residents at Loose Valley Care Home were taken back in time on Thursday 8 April as they reminisced about tea!

Whilst wandering down memory lane, we talked about tea rationing, how people take their tea, the tea industry and how tea drinking is especially associated with the British.

Our residents’ senses were tested when they had to ‘name that tea‘! They had to identify the different flavours in each herbal tea we served. This proved challenging, but lots of fun!

We had a lovely selection, including;

  • Green tea
  • Early Grey
  • Raspberry and pomegranate
  • Mint fusion
  • Lemon and ginger

We finished our tea talk by discussing what biscuit you should pair with your tea. Each of our residents had very different ideas on what the best biscuit was!

Fun was had by all, and next time it’s been requested that the same discussion is done with wine!