A perfect day for pirates at Loose Valley Care Home

Are these the residents of Loose Valley Care Home?! They look more like a band of swashbuckling pirates to us!

Here at Loose Valley we hosted our Pirate Day on Thursday 15 April. Each of our residents was given an invite for the event and we enjoyed a week of pirate-themed activities in the lead up to the big day.

When the day arrived our residents were recruited to ‘climb aboard’ ship – the Insane Mermaid – with Cutthroat Paula and her sidekick Barnacle (Ella)!

Everyone enjoyed a morning of having their pirate portraits taken in various selfie spots including;

  • A desert island with cursed treasure
  • A poor unfortunate soul who took his secrets to his grave
  • Our main attraction – a 6 ft ship, the mighty beauty, the Insane Mermaid

After a glorious lunch, we all headed to our lounge where everyone enjoyed a virtual pantomime, based on the classic novel Treasure Island.

We all enjoyed engaging with the story and shouting “He’s behind you!” at the screen (it was mostly Ella at this point, she got very involved!) and our residents enjoyed a tipple of rum and coke and some wonderful rum cupcakes, created by our talented kitchen staff and Chef.

We also tucked into some pirate-themed snacks which included cannonballs (cheese footballs) and dead man’s fingers (chocolate finger biscuits!).

The day was a huge success and enjoyed with a bellowing “ARRRRRGGGGH!