Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoy resin crafts

We had fun creating some personalised drinks coasters recently here at Loose Valley Care Home, using resin moulds.

Our residents decorated their designs with glitter and colourful jewels, choosing small ones which would fit inside the resin to make sure they covered them fully.

The jewels were sparkly or pearlescent, plus we had some spacer beads which we put around the outside edges on a few of the coasters – these would then sparkle colours on the edge of the hardened resin, so pretty!

We had lots of choices of beads; clear, crystal, pink, blue, purple and green.

Charlotte mixed up the liquid resin, while our residents filled their circular or octagonal coasters. Once they had created them, Charlotte finished them off by adding resin on top. They were then left to set and harden, which takes a couple of days.

When dry, you can pop them out from the soft plastic container to use again.

Our residents loved their finished pieces and were happy to be able to keep their personal coasters in their rooms to put their cups on.

Great work everyone!