Country singing fun at Loose Valley Care Home

It was ‘Yeehaw!‘ all around on Tuesday 3 October when our Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoyed an afternoon of Country and Western themed entertainment with Jasmine and Doug’s country folk rock show.

We had a fun musical time together and several times our residents took to the mic and sang with Jasmine, with some dancing with Paula and Charlotte. Billy the Kid (The Cat) joined in with the adventure as well!

As well as singing along to some country favourites, we had a tambourine to play and plenty of dressing up with cowboy Stetsons and an American Indian feather headdress.

We had a photoshoot with props made by Paula and we made good use of the hay bale we’d bought for our last cowboy day. We enjoyed our cardboard horse, American flag backdrop, our sheriff and deputy plus a few American Indians. We even made some dynamite sticks out of pipe lagging and pipe cleaners tied together with a strap – all in a wooden crate labelled ‘Explosives TNT Dynamite‘. We had so much fun posing with them.

Paula made up one of our residents too (who’s always up for dressing up and being a part of an activity day!) – this was Doug, or as she named him on a badge on his waistcoat ‘Dynamite Doug‘! He had a great photo posing with Doug and Jasmine and also one in jail!


Jasmine and Doug singing at Loose Valley Care Home