Loose Valley Care Home ladies enjoy Maidstone town centre trip

Last Tuesday morning, we set off into Maidstone town centre with two of our Loose Valley Care Home ladies Ada and Evelyn.

Ada is Italian by birth, so we visited a café for a nice cup of coffee; the owners and staff are also Italian, so she was able to use her home language and have a wonderful conversation, which was very special to see.

We then visited an Italian deli where we were all given things to try – salami, cheeses and amaretti biscuits. The deli assistant was also Italian, coming from Rome. In Italy they say ‘everyone must taste before they buy‘ and we didn’t disapprove!

Before heading back we enjoyed a wandered around the town as we had such nice weather and Evelyn was surprised at how much had changed since she was last there.

A very enjoyable (and tasty!) outing!