Beach memories at Loose Valley Care Home

Tuesday 4 January was a rather dark and miserable day outside, so we decided to take a virtual trip to our favourite beach from our memories with our lovely resident Jean here at Loose Valley Care Home.

We blew up our pink flamingo (…as Jean can’t swim, so we needed a floating device!) and we gave her some beautiful flowers for around her neck and a coconut with some fruit juice inside.

We reminisced about our beach holidays and where we would like to travel to – of course Devon and Cornwall beaches are stunning and Jean had enjoyed many a holiday down in Cornwall when her children were young.

Jean lived and worked in London for most of her life, doing different jobs such as typing, working in a soup factory (Batchelors) and making handbags near Smithfield market.

So it was lovely to get to a beach and relax from the busy hectic life of London!

A drab afternoon was transformed into a wonderful one!