Musical bingo and Billy at Loose Valley Care Home

Spot that song!

On the morning of Tuesday 28 December we enjoyed playing Musical Bingo together at Loose Valley Care Home.

It’s a game where you listen to snippets of instrumental songs and put a counter on that music track if you have it on your sheet – so unlike traditional number Bingo it’s a little more fun!

Lots of our residents request it and we all enjoy singing along; everyone gets into it and simply marks off the game sheet with their counters as they go.

It really is a wonderful way to evoke memories and encourage engagement as we listen to the melodies.

Billy and Bella

Our Billy has been relaxing a lot over the festive period and has had his choice of blankets to lay on, so he’s been seeing which one he prefers! He goes in to see different residents to see if they have any treats for him, especially ‘Dreamies‘ as they are his favourite biscuits with soft centres! And he knows who has them for him!

And he’s getting brave sniffing Bella the baby Bunny! But the bravery didn’t last long and he jumped off the chair and just stared at Bella as if to say “You’re on my bed!


Billy the cat and Bella the bunny at Loose Valley Care Home

Look who’s in my bed!