We welcome Phoebe and Thumper to Loose Valley Care Home

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of two baby bunnies here at Loose Valley Care Home.

They were meant to be two girls, but on inspection one little girl was a little boy – so we had to revise our name choices!

Our residents had a list of names to choose from and agreed on ‘Phoebe‘ for the white rabbit doe and ‘Thumper‘ for the dark rabbit buck. Our residents are overjoyed to have them at Loose Valley – they are in love with them and can’t wait to see them so they can have a cuddle.

…and what with two rabbits, two guinea pigs, lots of chickens and Herbie the dog visiting twice a week, we are slowly becoming a mini zoo!

Pets are fantastically therapeutic and to actually have them on site at our Home is wonderful. So many benefits come from stroking animals, including a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression. They really cheer people up and can help to lower blood pressure. They are also a great way to increase social interaction and promote conversation amongst residents.