Relaxing with Namaste treatments at Loose Valley Care Home

Namaste at Loose Valley

A group of ladies at Loose Valley Care Home took part in their first ever Namaste Massage session on Monday 25 March, last week. This included a sensory feast of hand, foot, shoulder, arm and leg massage with essential oils and creams including lavender, lemon oil, eucalyptus and rosemary.

A treat for the senses

Our Namaste session was designed to provide therapeutic massage while helping to soothe and relax our residents, both physically and mentally. The essential oils we used had a calming, uplifting effect and the drinks and snacks we provided were the perfect treat for this wonderful pamper afternoon. The fantastic Loose Valley Recreation and Well-Being Team really out-did themselves:

“We closed the curtains on one side of the room and sat in a semi circle and we placed rock salt lamps on the table, with flickering battery operated tea lights and a scent diffuser.

We explained to our residents what Namaste is all about – relaxing and and unwinding, while exploring through our senses sight, smell, touch, taste, sound and movement.

Sight; we decorated the room with Nepalese printed scarves and Indian sarees. We also put flowers in containers outside in the garden for added colour, plus a red camellia bush and a magnolia tree.

Smell; we used essential oils and a diffuser with lovely lavender vapours.

Touch; we provided relaxing massage treatments and residents took turns to cuddle and stroke our gorgeous furry rabbit.

Taste; residents enjoyed nibbling on chopped fresh fruits, along with mini cakes and natural yoghurt with honey.

Sound; we listened to calming spa sounds.

Movement; once we had finished the massages, we opened up the curtains to let the light back in, and enjoyed a little light exercise with balloons to wake ourselves up! 

Residents feedback

The Loose Valley ladies said they ‘thoroughly enjoyed every minute’ of the Namaste session, and ‘how wonderful it all was‘. The ambience and the lovely smells all added to the morning’s activity and they finished feeling really refreshed.

The Recreation and Well-Being Team loved being able to provide such a nice morning for their residents and they look forward to weekly Namaste sessions from now on “we cant wait till the next one!”