Resin crafts and a visit from Tyler at Loose Valley Care Home

Resin art

Last Wednesday at Loose Valley Care Home, Maureen and our Recreation and Well-Being Champion Hayley got creative and made some resin letter key rings together.

They used screws and raw plugs in some (to make them a bit manly!) and some silver foil to make some more pretty ones – and they turned out really well. We are getting our residents involved in the preparations for our Christmas Party where these will be for sale! So, we have a few more to make yet.

Everyone has really been enjoying creative time with the resin as it is an easy process that anyone can join in with, and afterwards you have a professional looking keepsake.

Tyler visit

On Sunday the sunshine came out for us, and Tyler the dog visited for the day again.

Bob took him for a walk around the grounds and stopped to give him some treats in the fresh winter air. With such beautiful days, we still like to take the opportunity to get outside, along with a nice big coat to keep us warm.

It’s important to get some sunshine when you can during these darker winter months and it really helps with everyone’s mental health.

Tyler also joined our ladies and gents for an exercise class in the conservatory – though he didn’t take it seriously and just lounged in the middle whilst everyone did the work! He does make everyone smile!

A visit from Tyler the dog at Loose Valley Care Home