Nutrition and Hydration Week tropical refreshments at Loose Valley Care Home

Our Loose Valley Care Home residents were transported to the hot Hawaiian islands for tropical juices on Tuesday 15 March, in celebration of Nutrition and Hydration Week.

Our tiki bar with grass skirts and lei flowers around it, held two barrels of tropical fruit mocktails – with pineapple, orange, apple and mango juices, we enjoyed sipping our refreshing drinks whilst Hawaiian music played in the background.

We enjoyed playing pink flamingo hoopla and hosted a fruity quiz with questions on fruit and vegetables.

Our ladies posed with their lei garlands and grass skirts under our palm tree, and had fun with our cardboard cutout surfer and girl in a bikini; June put her head through and said ‘woo hoo!’.

What a fantastic tropical day, dreaming of blue skies and white powdery sands – perfect!


Tropical refreshments and decorations at Loose Valley Care Home

We loved being in the tropics!