Mad Hatter Tea party fun at Loose Valley Care Home

We were excited to host our Alice in Wonderland themed ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ on Thursday 17 March at Loose Valley Care Home, when we transformed our dining table into a wonderful spread with fancy tea pots and china cups and saucers.

We enjoyed coffee, tea and cakes, plus lots of chatter and laughter with all our props from the wonderland film, including the Cheshire cat’s grin, ‘We’re all mad here!‘ sign, bunny ears, tea cups, crown and signs.

We had a small bottle with ‘Drink me‘ on and a cake with ‘Eat me‘, as well as a sign pointing down the rabbit hole!

Our large stuffed rabbit toy was at the head of the table to welcome his guests and made sure that they weren’t late! He kept checking his clock!

Our bunny Bella inspected the table and posed with the signs – and of course Billy our cat got involved (with smiles to rival the Cheshire Cat!). Great fun!