Loose Valley Care Home residents take a trip to Herne Bay

This week we were able to take a group of our Loose Valley Care Home residents down to Herne Bay seafront; it was a gorgeous day with a bit of a breeze, so we made sure everyone had their coats at the ready!

We took a stroll along the front to a coffee shop. Bob got an almighty surprise when he ordered a waffle as a ‘little’ snack and a gigantic plate turned up!

We then went along to the pier. Debbie our Head Housekeeper came along as an extra pair of hands and went searching for a cuttlefish on the beach to take back to her turtles to enjoy at home. We walked along the pier and did a spot of shopping. Our resident Ada had her daughter and granddaughter with her and they found a beautiful handbag and purse to buy for her upcoming birthday.

Later, we wandered back down the seafront and made our way into a fish and chip shop. Everyone had fresh fish and chips (in humungous portions!) and left feeling very full and happy.

What a great day!


Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoying Herne Bay