Lavender pillows at Loose Valley Care Home

Making small pillows with lavender is a popular aromatherapy project here at Loose Valley Care Home and they are really quick and easy to do! 

We had cotton fabric – which Paula from our team had cut to size and stuck with a hot glue gun – with two sides down to resemble a pocket.

Our residents first chose from a selection of pretty fabric pockets which ones they would like to fill with lavender. We had bee prints, butterflies, bambi, flowers, red print and lace to name a few!

Next they placed the loose lavender into the bags and used ribbon to secure the top into a bow, so no sewing required! We also had mini bows, metal bees and mini roses for extra decoration.

Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon of craft-making and were please to have their lavender pillows-sacks to take back to their rooms. They smell so wonderful and can be used in drawers and also warmed for relaxation.

Lavender can also be used in soaps and diffusers and is helpful with improving sleep and lifting mood.