Loose Valley Care Home residents test their knowledge of biscuits

On Monday 29 May we were delighted to celebrate National Biscuit Day here at Loose Valley Care Home.

Paula from our Activities Team created a scrapbook with cut-out pictures of all types of biscuits, one per page, with the name of the biscuit and its wrapper covered with a flap. Our residents had to guess the name of each biscuit from the picture and reveal the answers by lifting the flaps.

We can tell you that our residents really know their biscuits!!

They had great fun guessing each biscuit on the pages; some were easy and some more challenging as a few were American brands that have made their way across the pond to our shelves. We found out that our favourite biscuit is a chocolate digestive.

Afternoon tea was followed by tea and biscuits of course – a real English tradition!

We discussed dunking biscuits and which ones broke in half and melted into hot tea (like chocolate digestives!) and which lasted longer and were firmer (like ginger nuts and crunch creams). One biscuit has a nickname ‘squashed flies’, otherwise known as a fruit shortcake!

Our biscuit scrapbook has been doing the rounds and enjoyed in our one-to-one sessions in our residents’ rooms; it’s proved to be a really engaging activity.

One of our residents said we should make a chocolate and sweets version, so that is next on our list to create. Great fun!


National Biscuit Day at Loose Valley Care Home