A wish comes true for Ray at Loose Valley Care Home

We had a very special day last week; with the help of our team member Abby’s Wishing Hearts charity, we managed to make a wonderful wish come true for our dear resident Ray – a ‘meet and greet’ with a magnificent Shire horse here at Loose Valley Care Home. 

Ray has a hard-working background. He managed a farm in Marden for years and worked the owner’s Shire horses; he also took them to shows and had a great deal of love and respect for them. He hasn’t been able to see one for a long time, so we enlisted the help of Abby’s charity to make his wish come true. It took us a little while, but we got there in the end, and last Thursday we welcomed the very handsome Jim to Loose Valley!

Ray made sure he stood to greet Jim and gave him a polo. He spent a long time with him and we could all see just how much it meant to him. His love of these big and beautiful horses was plain to see and it was emotional for us all seeing him interact with Jim – we definitely saw some tears! Ray was equipped with a photo album of his horses and told us stories about them. One of his Shires had been in the newspaper as it had slipped on some ice during winter, and the fire brigade had to be called to rescue her. At the end we had time for our other residents to say hello, which was fantastic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We can’t thank Abby enough for her hard work and dedication in making this experience happen. Seeing how much Ray loved meeting Jim meant so much – such a beautiful memory for him to cherish. We just love that we are able to do things like this for our lovely residents.

What a fantastic wish come true!