Cockney knees up at Loose Valley Care Home

On Tuesday 21 May our residents at Loose Valley Care Home enjoyed a jolly good knees up at our cockney extravaganza!

With several of our residents being cockneys themselves, it was a great way to celebrate and embrace the culture in all its glory.

We had the Pearly Queen of Silvertown (whose name was passed down from her mum) join us in the morning. She told us all about how costermongers (apple sellers) became the Pearly Kings and Queens and spoke about the man who started it all, Henry Croft, who completely covered his suit in mother-of-pearl buttons he’d found whilst being a road sweeper.

We had an East End singalong followed by a themed lunch of cockles and muscles, pie and mash and more!

In the afternoon we welcomed Ricks Stills who performed a classic Chas and Dave singalong for us, which was great fun.

What a fantastic day!


Loose Valley Care Home has a cockney knees up!