Wimbledon arrives at Loose Valley Care Home

Anyone for tennis?

With the start of Wimbledon this week, we thought we’d get in on the action here at Loose Valley Care Home!

Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team turned our trolley into a wonderful vision of Wimbledon – complete with a grass backdrop, tennis racquet, handmade wool pom pom tennis balls and strawberries and cream for dessert! It looks fantastic!

We are all fans of strawberries and love the tradition at Wimbledon – where they can sell 191,930 portions of strawberries in two weeks!

Our residents watched a morning game of tennis for a while, then we held a tennis quiz and read out facts about the game.

The wearing ‘all whites’ rule was introduced in 1963 before the ‘almost entirely white rule’ was bought in in 1995. Tennis players must be dressed in suitable tennis attire and this is closely monitored by the club.

Rufus is a harris hawk who provides a service to the club; he flies for one hour most mornings of the championship before the gates open – making local pigeons know not to come near and persuade them to roost elsewhere!

The afternoon match was shown in our lounge and we enjoyed watching Djokovic and Kwon. Our cat Billy came in too – and Paula said to everyone that he is our ball boy, as cats like chasing things! Kwon took an early lead, but Djokovic eventually won, so goes on to the second round.

At lunchtime we had a choice of fresh sweet strawberries, cream or ice creamYum!