Residents from Loose Valley Care Home visit Herne Bay

Some of our residents from Loose Valley Care Home enjoyed a jolly outing to Herne Bay together on Thursday 29 August.

It was a beautiful warm summer’s day, without a cloud in the sky. The group strolled along the upgraded pier where there are shops, cafes and a fun fair.

One of our ladies fancied having a go at hook a duck and managed to get a prize – a bow and arrow! So next sports day we’re going to have archery!

The day finished with fish and chips out of the box and ice creams.

We all had such a fantastic day and wanted to go again – so we have arranged another visit on 17 September with a few other residents. We can’t wait!

Hawaiian party fun

We had a fun afternoon together on Wednesday 28 August when we hosted a Hawaiian-themed party.

Kevin Walsh entertained us with a set of summer songs and our ladies and gents enjoyed fruit mocktails of pineapple, orange and apple juices, complete with mini umbrellas and flowers.

We decorated with pineapple lights, flower garlands and even a cut-out of jaws, which was great fun for photo opportunities!