Loose Valley Care Home welcomes four baby ducklings

Four delightful baby ducklings have arrived at Loose Valley Care Home, much to everyone’s delight!

They are so cute and have soft downy feathers at the moment and have everything they need with Debbie from our Domestic team being ‘mum’.

They were hatched by Debbie who kindly looks after all our animals on Loose Valley farm! They took a full month to hatch once incubated and once hatched they quack softly to alert their mother they are here – this time it is Debbie not a mother duck! It’s lovely that they have the company of their brothers and sisters.

They have long beaks and will develop broader wings as they grow which will allow them to swim and dive. When raised as pets these guys make great companions and their beauty makes them adorable!

Our residents really love holding the ducklings and are enjoying their company. Lots of ‘oooh-ing’ and ‘aaaahing’ to be heard around our Home!


Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoying some baby duckling

Our new companions!