World Cocktail Day Tiki Bar at Loose Valley Care Home  

Strawberry Surprise‘ and ‘Citrus Breeze‘ were two of the cocktails we served at our Hawaiian Tiki Bar to celebrate World Cocktail Day at Loose Valley Care Home.

We had fun creating our drinks; strawberries and raspberries cut up into a punch whilst lemons, oranges and kiwi featured in our mocktail.

In true tropical style, our fantastic Tiki Bar, created by our Recreation and Well-Being Team, recreated the flavours of the Hawaiian Islands.

On Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday we used it to its full potential and with the sunshine outside it felt like we were in the tropics!

We took our ‘sayings and phrases’ cards out into our garden and our ladies had to guess the rest of the words to complete each saying – everyone guessing correctly!

We chatted about hot countries we had visited over the years and reminisced together.