Valentine messages of love from Loose Valley Care Home

For Valentine’s Day at Loose Valley Care Home, we made special cards for our residents to send to their sons and daughters.

We started with a printed truck and made a lorry’s trailer out of card which we then made into an envelope to hold wooden hearts with messages of love written on them.

We have one lady who is French, so we wrote all the messages to her son in French. He was so pleased to receive it and thanked us so much for all the effort, saying it was a lovely idea and very much appreciated.

Another daughter said, “It made me cry happy tears and the loving messages melted my heart. Love her lots and miss her. Paula it means the world, so thank you for making it happen.”

Our families really loved their cards and we’re so happy we could send out such personal messages of love. It’s the personal touches that make such a big difference. As one family always says “Love you to the moon and back”, so those words went in their card.

We’ve had so many lovely messages of thanks;

“Many thanks for helping mum make the Valentine’s card, it was very special receiving it. Thank you for all that you are doing.”

“Thank you to you and mum for a lovely card, how thoughtful and unique, I shall treasure it for always.”

“I send my love to mum and thanks for the brilliant Valentine’s card and messages. A personal thank you. I’m sure you had a lot of input in making the various hearts.”


Making Valentine's cards at Loose Valley Care Home

We loved making our special cards