St Patricks treats at Loose Valley Care Home

On Thursday 16 March last week we celebrated St Patrick’s Day (a day early!) here at Loose Valley Care Home.

We decked our conservatory with decorations and enjoyed Irish music and some fun and games as everyone kept hydrated with some real fruit ice lollies from our lolly trolley!

We also made ‘Shamrock Shakes‘ for our residents which went down very quickly indeed! The Shake recipe included mint ice cream, double cream, milk, and our secret ingredient…spinach!! That may sound strange, but as the shake was mint heavy you would never have known there was any spinach in there! We used it as a natural food colouring to make the drink greener for St Patrick’s Day, with the bonus of some extra nutrients (spinach is packed with goodness, including vitamins A, C and K, as well as iron, potassium and fibre).

Doug even enjoyed a nicely chilled Guinness to top the day off nicely.

What a happy St Patrick’s Day!


St Patrick's Day decorations, lollies and smoothies at Loose Valley Care Home

St Patrick's Day fun at Loose Valley Care Home