St Georges Day exercises and reminiscing at Loose Valley Care Home

We’ve been keeping our residents busy with some fun activities here at Loose Valley Care Home.

Thursday 23 April was St Georges Day and Henry coloured a fantastic picture of George and the dragon. Once he’d finished it, we arranged to post it to his brother Robert and we wrote a letter for him saying what Henry has been up to and that he is doing well.

We’ve been enjoying our garden in this glorious weather, which has included an exercise class with Paula out in the sunshine. After warming up slowly, we did some marching on the spot, exercising our leg and ankles. We then moved our hands, fingers and arms swaying to the music. We enjoyed some cold drinks afterwards as we had worked up a thirst! We also had a good old fashioned sing-along session, which is always great for raising our spirits.

We’ve also been talking a lot about different experiences of wartime lately and how they relate to our current experiences during lockdown; how people are now simply being asked to stay at home and sit on their sofas, whilst their generation had to go to war and fight for freedom.

We are all having to wait for our freedom, and our residents are so looking forward to getting to see their families and having cuddles again.