Skittles and stories at Loose Valley Care Home

Mini Skittles

Our ladies and gents here at Loose Valley Care Home are enjoying our new table top game – a mini bowling alley with a metal ball and weighted skittles. It’s a great little game and our residents are really having fun with it!

Stories with Billy

We’ve been taking advantage of the lovely weather and enjoying our garden terrace recently (so has Billy the cat!). Paula (Recreation and Well-Being) also spent time reading a great book to a few of our ladies; Reader’s Digest Yesterday’s Britain, “The illustrated story of how we lived, worked and played this century”.

The official blurb says, “Take a journey back through time to discover and re-discover the changing lives of the British during the 20th century. Personal anecdotes, eyewitness accounts and intimate stories create a family history of the British people, accompanied by over 600 illustrations and photographs.”

We read stories of people listening to the wireless as there was no TV, only having a few bob to spend, rationing on most things and making the best of it. Our residents spoke of their own wartime stories, how old they were and what they remember from the era.

Fish spotting

We have a small pond on the terrace and some of our ladies and gents like to watch the fish swimming around – when they’re not hiding from us, that is!