Singer Kevin Walsh delights his fans at Loose Valley Care Home

We were all thrilled to see our lovely singer Kevin Walsh in person on Thursday 14 May at Loose Valley Care Home.

Kevin sang for us from outside, dressed as an ‘Officer and a Gentleman‘ all in white, with a backdrop of blue skies and sunshine on a beautiful day.

He was excellent as always and our residents loved singing along and thoroughly enjoyed his entertainment, after not seeing him for 8 weeks.

They made him feel especially welcome with their special signs; ‘World’s Best Entertainer Kevin Walsh. We miss you!’ and ‘We love Kevin!’

Our lovely resident Molly was delighted with her ‘big hug‘ (in paper) from Kevin; he is her favourite entertainer so we put photos of him and Molly on the paper hug for her. Molly has a niece in the wilderness of British Colombia, Canada and has no family here so Kevin offered to write her a message with love. She loved it! Her niece writes to her, so we wrote a letter back to her and sent some photos of Molly, as she writes often so thought it would be nice for Molly to write back. We posted it for her and she was very pleased.