Residents enjoy Sing-a-long Sunday at Loose Valley Care Home

Our Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoyed a ‘Sing-a-long Sunday’ on 28th February, with their host, Recreational Activity Champion Ella.

It was a very coveted event, where everyone was keen to exercise their vocal cords, using our Smart TV and microphone!

Residents made requests for their favourite tunes from their childhood days and enjoyed refreshments together.

Ella enjoyed singing tunes through the microphone (even though she didn’t know all the words exactly!) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching her line dance and improvising being a tree for Harry Belafonte’s “Day-o!”.

Fun was had by all, although next time our residents have requested the refreshments be wine and not coffee!

Resident with a microphone on Sing-a-long Sunday at Loose Valley Care Home

Enjoying a tune