Residents at Loose Valley Care Home make woollen dolls and angels

We had fun last week with our residents at Loose Valley Care Home, creating some wonderful dolls and angels from wool.

Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team has been making these at home; she likes to sit and create while watching television as she finds it very therapeutic and relaxing. So she thought her ladies would enjoy making them too, and they did!

They made some doll bodies with wool and had wooden heads to glue on. They also added hair made with yarn or wool, cut and trimmed to how they wanted it.

We had lots of small flowers made out of ribbon, as well as paper ones of all sizes and shapes. We used small rope for arms and made bouquets out of the smaller flowers with ribbons glued on them.

Our Carers came to have a look and help our residents with their creations and choices of bodies, hair and flowers. Great fun!

Phylis made two for her granddaughters, Maci and Ellie, and we are going to give them to her son to pass on to them – we’re sure they will love them.

What a fun way to spend time together!


Residents and staff at Loose Valley Care Home making woollen dolls and angels

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