Picnic dining for squirrels at Loose Valley Care Home

Our resident Doug loves watching the wildlife outside his window here at Loose Valley Care Home, and he buys big bags of seed and peanuts for the squirrels who regularly make an appearance on his fence.

With this in mind, Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team came up with a project for her partner Les – to make a mini picnic bench for the squirrels based on a design she’d seen online, as she knew Doug would love one! Les has his own workshop and is a keen woodworker in his spare time, so he was only too happy to oblige.

Doug was absolutely amazed at the completed mini picnic bench – how cute it was, scaled down to suit the squirrels perfectly. He couldn’t wait for it to be put up as he loves seeing the cheeky squirrels and birds that come too.

Paula got our maintenance men to fixed it to the fence, with Doug instructing them where he’d like it to go, so he could have a good view of it. Sure enough, that afternoon, out the squirrels came! They were running along the fence checking out this new little bench, complete with two tubs of peanuts for them to dine on.

We managed to capture a squirrel having his lunch sitting at the table. The bench is such a fun addition to the garden and it’s very amusing seeing the squirrels sitting up to the table. Adorable!

Thank you to Paula and Les for this lovely new feature in our garden!