Mother Days card making afternoon at Loose Valley Care Home

On Monday 21 March we organised a lovely afternoon of art and crafts at Loose Valley Care Home, with Mother’s Day cards in mind.

We made cards with cut out felt of different sizes, fancy scissors cut out felt grass and we had jewels from our pirate day of all shapes – drops, stars, hearts and squares of all colours, and oh lots of glue!

Mother’s Day messages were printed out, plus love hearts and our ladies had a great time choosing what they wanted on their cards.

We chatted about our residents’ families – what their children used to make at school and all the cards and painted pictures they received.

The sun was shining and we opened up our conservatory doors so we could put our rabbit out in the run on the patio.

We had a rather cheeky squirrel who went upside down on our bird feeder and was eating a block of bird seed! Our rabbit didn’t know what to make of this little critter!

We do see plenty of squirrels here, and lots of magpies and blackbirds. Lovely to see springtime on its way!


Bunny and squirrel in the garden at Loose Valley Care Home

Spring sunshine, Bella our bunny and a cheeky visitor!