Mary Quant art class at Loose Valley Care Home

As part of our 1960s Through the Decades celebration, we held a themed art class on Monday 4 April, when we painted Mary Quant flower symbols to decorate our conservatory for our afternoon diva show.
Creative activities allow our brains to use both hemispheres in tandem and we love to encourage our residents to express themselves through colour – it’s not only young minds that can benefit from art therapy!

Art gives our residents – no matter their age or ability with colouring – a real sense of purpose and pride and we were delighted with their printed flowers which would contribute to our afternoon’s decorations.

With a cup of coffee, the chat and colouring made for a perfect morning that tied in with our 60s day; our residents absolutely loved it and remembered experiencing the era as most were around 30 years old in the 1960s.