Loose Valley Care Home residents plant strawberries for Nellsar in Bloom

Our ladies at Loose Valley Care Home have enjoyed planting strawberry plants this week, in preparation for the company-wide ‘Nellsar in Bloom’ gardening festival which kicks off this month.

Several of our residents chose a lovely warm day on Thursday 30 May to get out in the garden. We set up an area with a bag of soil, strawberry plants, watering can, gloves, pots and trowels. They soon set to work!

We took out our rabbit and Guinea pigs to watch too!

One of our residents has her own little garden patch outside the back of our kitchen in the yard, which gets plenty of sunshine. As a keen gardener, she volunteered to plant the strawberries, as she used to take pride in her own garden before she came to us.

She continues to take real pride in her plot when she’s able to get outside. We love to encourage her as much as possible, especially in the summer months, as gardening offers so many benefits including fun exercise, relaxation and a sense of purpose and achievement.

We’re really looking forward to watching – and tasting – the sweet fruits of our labour!