Loose Valley Care Home residents journey to Egypt

We’ve enjoyed some wonderful armchair travel at Loose Valley Care Home recently – this time we journeyed to Cairo in Egypt, visiting ancient sites including the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Luxor Valley of the Kings and beyond!

Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being team told stories of the god of the underworld – Anubis. He guards the entrance of the gates leading to the afterlife, was the guardian of the dead and had many magical secrets.

The Sphinx is a mythical creature which has a lion’s body and a human face. It stands impressive in front of the pyramids of Giza in Cairo, built over 4,000 years ago.

Each of our residents received a cartouche with their name on it written in hieroglypths and we explained what each symbol represented in the alphabet.

King Tutankhamun was ruler of Egypt at age nine and Howard Carter finally discovered his tomb on 4 November 1922.

Paula read out what Howard saw as he looked into the tomb;
 “Can you see anything?” asked one of the team.
With a candle through the breach in the door he replied, awestruck!

For decoration, Paula made toy camels, cats and crocodiles to transport our residents to a distance land, immersed in the culture of Egypt. We also enjoyed some fancy dress with Egyptian headdresses – even Paula’s cat Oliver and our Home cat Billy got in on the action!

We had props and photo opportunities with our themed artefacts – scarab beetles hand carved from a shop in Luxor, a cat made of alabaster stone, along with papyrus paper. Paula also brought in a book from her trip to Egypt.

Our residents were very interested in the country and culture and asked lots of questions. Paula showed them photos from when she went to Luxor and Hurghada, plus shots of her riding a camel in the Sahara dessert! We asked if anyone had been to Egypt and two of our residents said that their husbands had been during their time in the army.

We were treated to some delicious themed treats – pyramid cakes created by our Chef Dee, made with jam and coconut, plus baklava sweets, all enjoyed with a nice cup of tea.

All our residents received a souvenir camel with their cartouche, to remind them of our amazing travels!

Such great fun and always super to learn about another country and its culture.


Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoying themed armchair travel to Egypt

Egyptian decorations, fancy dress and themed treats at Loose Valley Care Home