Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoy some tabletop games

We love games here at Loose Valley Care Home, as they can be so engaging and stimulating for players and provide a lovely focus for socialising.
Recently we’ve had mini tabletop skittles on a wooden alley way that mimics ten pin bowling, which proved very popular. The ball and skittles were made of metal and there was a directional ramp to roll the ball down, hit the skittles and then made a loud noise! Great fun!

We’ve also enjoyed a range of different card games including ‘Snap‘ and ‘Play your cards right‘ where players have to guess if the next card will be higher or lower, plus some games of dominoes (when we slowly worked out the rules of how to play, as we’d forgotten!). We matched the colours and numbers on the large wooden domino pieces, which were nice and easy to pick up.

A very relaxing and sociable way to spend an afternoon.