Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoy musical entertainment from Rob T

Rob T came to Loose Valley Care Home to entertain us all on Thursday 7 April.

Rob is a solo vocalist and plays the electric ukulele and the kazoo. He also tells jokes as part of his performance to keep us entertained.

Rob performed 1950s and 1960s songs along with some Country and Western tunes, Englebert Humperdinck, Abba and Billy Fury.

Well loved his songs with a ukulele flavour; the ukulele looks like a little guitar but only has four strings instead of a guitar’s six and is slightly different in sound. He said “It may look like a really small guitar, but it’s not!

We all sang along and Rob’s jokes in between got us all laughing. We will definitely get him in again to perform, as he’s such an all round entertainer.

Rob commented; “I really enjoy entertaining the older generation – they know how to have a great time!” And we certainly did!