Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoy a royal themed Red Box Library

On Thursday 8 July we received our Red Box Library at Loose Valley Care Home, with this month’s choice of ‘The Royals and Jubilee Years’ in the box, which the library sends us every three months.

The box contains lots of wonderful materials such as postcards, books, souvenirs, brochures, videos and CDs.

We’ve enjoyed reminiscing with the postcards and books – seeing how people enjoyed street parties after the war and Silver Jubilee in 1977.

We have large, colourful prompt cards with a description of the front photo, such as a young Prince Charles. We asked our residents to ‘guess the royal child‘ and they guessed correctly!

Diana and Charles with William and Harry – a beautiful photo. We all wanted to look like beautiful Diana with her gorgeous hair! We got into talking about how Harry is now in California and wondering if he regrets moving away from his royal family, or is happy to be away from the spotlight.

Our residents all agreed that they wouldn’t like the press intrusion, the minute you step outside your house!