Loose Valley Care Home residents and staff remember the fallen soldiers of war

On Wednesday 11 November at 11am at Loose Valley Care Home we remembered our soldiers who lost their lives for our freedom.
Alan our Maintenance Man told us about his dad Bill who joined the army when he was just 14 years old, pretending to be older than his age as many young men did at that time. This was the First World War, then in 1939 at the start of the Second World War, he was 38 years old (being born in 1901); he came back from that war and Alan was born in 1949. What an incredible man.

We shared a Remembrance service and everyone was given a beautiful handmade booklet of the written service, made by Paula our Recreation and Well Being Champion, as well as printed hymn sheets.

We shared many special words to honour the fallen soldiers and enjoyed some beautiful hymns. We included;

Abide with me
The lord is my Shepherd
I vow to thee my country
Poem sung of Flanders fields
Amazing grace
God save the queen
The last post

Everybody said ‘well done‘ and very much enjoyed the memorial service.

We had a wartime singalong too, with lots of songs and waving of flags to lift the spirits! A memorable day for everyone at Loose Valley.