Kitten cuddles with Lola at Loose Valley Care Home

Our residents made a new friend on Monday 2 August here at Loose Valley Care Centre when Lola the kitten was introduced to everybody as a form of Pet Therapy!

Four month old Lola belongs to Hayley from our Recreation and Well-Being Team, who assisted the visit and made sure that each person had one to one care from herself and the kitten. Hayley got her new ‘little baby’ for her birthday in June.

Lola loved all the attention, lapping up all the strokes and petting she could muster! There were concerns that Billy, our resident cat, would be upset by her presence, but being so laid back he was almost horizontal and enjoyed not being disturbed for a while!

Kittens are so cute and loveable, she was such a sweetheart and everyone loved her. It’s amazing how animals can make you feel, especially the purrs from this little bundle of fur when she was enjoying being stroked under the chin and belly.

Thank you Lola for your visit. You brought a lot of love, light and laughter into our residents’ lives!

Hayley will bring her in again soon for another visit.


Loose Valley Care Home residents enjoying a kitten Pet Therapy session

Maggie and Phyllis enjoying Lola’s company