Italy Day in Venice at Loose Valley Care Home

We experienced the Italian city of Venice last week at Loose Valley Care Home, all from the comfort of our armchairs with our virtual Nellsar Cruise.

We travelled in a gondola – which Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team created from cardboard – with our Gondolier Bradley Walsh, our handsome cardboard cutout! We choose Bradley Walsh as he is everyone’s favourite!

It took us over a week to get all our props ready for the day and they looked fantastic; lots of cardboard, glue, paint and charity shop finds such as a child’s Halloween costume to make the gondola seat, and a child’s dress to go on our doll (….she even had her own Cornetto!).

Our backdrop really transported us to Italy and featured a Venice canal, buildings and boats – the prefect backdrop for photographs.

Recreation and Well-Being Champion Hayley and some of our residents made some wonderful masquerade masks with glitter, glue, paint and gold rope edging. They were so eye-catching and colourful.

And we all enjoyed the themed food, including mini pizzas and a very popular tiramisu for dessert made by our Chef Glen, which disappeared at super quick speed!

So another stamp in our passports and another destination enjoyed. We’re looking forward to our next stop in France!