International Nurses Day at Loose Valley Care Home

Celebrating our wonderful team!

Tuesday 12 May 2020 marked the 200-year anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth and throughout the COVID-19 pandemics and lockdown, our Nurses and care-givers’ role in society has never been so critical. With this in mind, we would like to celebrate our Care team for all their care, compassion and skills which are so courageously getting us through this crisis.

“Nursing isn’t just about paperwork and care plans; we do keep people safe and well but it’s about caring. We all play a different role in making someone’s day a little brighter, from a nice relaxing bath to assisting with daily living needs, or a cup of tea, a chat and a hand to hold. Medications and dressings help ease the pain and keep people comfortable; all done with our biggest smiles and loving tones. We are doing everything we can to get through these difficult, uncertain times. But it doesn’t matter how tired and weary we get – we are still smiling, we still care, we are united!”

This poem was written by our resident Audrey who loves to write poetry. Audrey an her Dad both worked as Pharmacists during their professional careers:


How things have changed over the years
Expectations, medication, responsibilities come near
If you visit a hospital you will see for yourself
That they contribute towards maintaining health

Their help is appreciated by all who have received
Without them we’d be in trouble indeed
They follow instructions from senior medics
When duties are required for helping the sick
Part of the team often required
To heal, maintain health and broader needs
Uniforms are neat, but practical too
And seem to single them out for you
Carers of young children are often called Nurses
But medically they are not trained to Nurse
With training and experience they have gained respect
And I wonder where their training goes next.