Heading to the 1970s at Loose Valley Care Home

We headed back in time to a bygone era on Monday 16 May, as we celebrated 1970s Through the Decades here at Loose Valley Care Home.

And what a decade it was! Flares and patterned wallpaper a plenty!

Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team remembers her mum and dad’s house when in 1977 her family moved to Coxheath; it had wooden cladding from ceiling to floor on one side of the long lounge which stretched from front to back of the house! The other side of the room had brown and orange patterned wallpaper, carpet and curtains. She commented ‘There was so much pattern! Now we go to the other extreme of magnolia walls and plain carpets!”

We printed out a quiz and facts about the 1970s and looked at pictures of the technology – chunky computers, dial telephones with a twisted cable (that always got in a tangle!) and the first mobile phone with a large carry around battery pack! We remembered Del Boy on ‘Only Fools and Horses‘ pretending to be a yuppie with his car phone! We had a laugh about that programme – ‘They don’t seem to make comedy like that anymore’ one of our residents said!

It was interesting to compare how old we were in the 70s – it ranged from 40 years for our residents to Paula being aged two in 1970. Hayley and Stacey from the team were not born until the 1980s and 1990s!

We took to the microphone and sang with ABBA, guessing the lyrics first then singing the rest of the song with the karaoke.

A brilliant day of chatting and reminiscing on a memorable decade!


Loose Valley Care Home staff member in the 1970s

Paula in her school Home Economics apron, taken in 1979 (her first day at secondary school)