Halloween quiz and sweets treats at Loose Valley Care Home

On Thursday 29 October we celebrated Halloween early here at Loose Valley Care Home.

Hayley and Paula from our Recreation and Well-Being Team got us all in the Halloween spirit; Hayley hosted a Halloween Quiz for our residents and Paula told some really funny jokes about the spooky time of year.

Our favourite ones were;

  • How do you know when Dracula has a cold?
    His Coffin!
  • How can you tell when a skeleton is lying?
    You can see right through him!

We were all in hysterics!

Paula also made some fantastic ‘Dracula Dentures‘ using mini marshmallows for teeth, red frosting for gums and almonds for the fangs – everyone loved them! Glen our Chef also made some cookies and everyone looked forward to eating them with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon.

We were also treated to a tin of roses chocolates and ‘scary cupcakes‘ with our coffee, hot chocolate or tea in the morning.

Billy our cat got in a Pumpkin t-shirt with ‘Little Pumpkin‘ on it …he was not too sure, but we thought he looked great!

Our amazing Chef also made pumpkin pie and a tasty pumpkin risotto from our very own home grown pumpkins from the Loose Valley vegetable patch. Delicious!