Garden Olympics at Loose Valley Care Home

We kicked off this week with some Olympic fun here at Loose Valley Care Home on Monday 26 July.

We started with our rings event, throwing them over the neck of our inflatable flamingo, that was fun! …we didn’t quite have the proper colours for the Olympic rings so just choose the nearest!

Then onto the dice, where one resident would call out a number from one to six and guess what number it would fall on – we did get lucky on a few and guessed correctly. We also used our target mat on the ground and guessed the numbers again.

Our tin can alley event was popular – throwing bean bags at the cans and knocking them down… a very noisy game!

We also did synchronised pom pom waving, making circles, up and down movements like waves and crossing our arms.

We closed with our medal ceremony. Everyone got gold of course and waved their union jacks!

Great fun and we hope we did Team GB proud!